Newington's global energy search business has been extremely successful since it's inception in 2013. The practice focuses on placing candidates into top tier 1 Investment banks, energy trade firms, hedge funds, brokerage house as well as energy utility companies and research shops.

While our core competencies are in the Energy space, our successes in the commodity space has allowed us to branch out into the larger sales and trading space. We have a strong track record of placing top portfolio managers at the very best hedge funds as well as traders in the broader FICC space.

Below are some examples of recent projects Newington has executed in the Commodities/Energy space:

  • Commodities Structurer - Investment Bank
  • Commodity Portfolio Manager - Hedge Fund
  • Power Structurer - Investment Bank
  • Commodity PM - Hedge Fund
  • Commodity Sales - Investment Bank
  • Energy M & A - Trade House
  • Commodity Quant - Energy Trade Firm

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